It’s all about the lip rn. From glitter to chrome and everything in between, beauty brands are betting on the power of the lip. If you’re part geek, you’ve noticed that new technologies are creeping their way into new collections. MAC just debuted their most pigmented lipsticks with the help of a tetrachromatic and now Giorgio Armani is rolling out something major.

While Armani’s new Lip Magnets don’t involve any use of magnetism, they still have a nerdy backstory that makes them pretty cool. The Lip Magnets use a gradual evaporation technology that makes the lipstick twice as intense after application. Lovers of liquid lipsticks know how thick the formulas can be but fret not, the Lip Magnets are four times thinner.

As Allure reports, the applicator isn’t your average doe-foot. It’s pointed and flat so you can get a precise application, then use the opposite end to fill in lips.

The 18-shade collection is available online now and will run you 38 bucks a pop. (Well, it is Armani.)

Now go forth and SWATCH.