Marie Lodi
Updated Aug 01, 2016 @ 3:12 pm
star trek mac cosmeics
Credit: MAC Cosmetics

When we first heard that MAC Cosmetics was doing a Star Trek-themed collection, we were SO incredibly stoked. Drawing inspiration from Vina the Orion girl, Nyota Uhura, and Deanna Troi, MAC promised a 25-piece release featuring eyeshadow, lip colors and more, all in “cosmically charged hues.” Set phasers to stun, because a full look at the collection has been revealed and it is everything we have hoped for and more.

Credit: MAC Cosmetics

For lip colors, there are four different Lip Glass offerings at $17 each, including Pleasure Planet, a muted gold shimmer; Khaaannnn!, a berry with red reflect; Set to Stun, a light silver with gold pearl and Warp Speed Ahead, a plum with blue and pink reflects. There’s also four lipsticks, which are $18 and mostly in frost texture, including The Enemy Within, a neutral gold shimmer; Where No Man Has Gone Before, a pink with gold pearl; Kling-It-On, a deep purple with fine pink glitter; and LLAP, an icy rose champagne.

Seriously, look at these Lip Glasses and try NOT to faint.

Credit: MAC Cosmetics

For eyes, there’s everything from shimmery pressed eyeshadows, with names like To Boldly Go, Midnight, and Birds of Prey, along with eyeliners, mascara, and lashes.

Credit: MAC Cosmetics
Credit: MAC Cosmetics

Rounding up the collection is MAC’s Trip The Light Fantastic Powder, which includes Luna Luster, Strange New Worlds, and Highly Illogical.

Credit: MAC Cosmetics

These nail colors are OUT OF CONTROL.

Credit: MAC Cosmetics

This seriously might be one of MAC’s most innovative collections yet. If you were one of the lucky people who attended Comic-Con, you might have already seen a sneak peek of these intergalactic treasures in person. For the rest of us, the collection will be available online on August 25th, and in stores September 1st through October 13th. Go right ahead and take all our of monies.