Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated Mar 15, 2018 @ 1:04 pm
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Despite winter’s best efforts to cling on with its icy death grip, make no mistake — spring is definitely in the air. ColourPop knows this, and that’s why they just released a vibrant and lovely new collection called the Pretty Fly Collection, inspired by the beauty of butterflies!

If you’re looking for spring vibes, this is definitely the way to do it. The collection features a mix of rich and subtle spring hues to help you create your perfect spring look. From sweet pastels to happy bright shades, this line has it all and you won’t want to miss out.

The Pretty Fly collection includes three Face Duos, eight Lux Lipsticks, brand-new Super Shock Shadow shades, a Super Shock Shadow kit, and a Lippie Stix kit. It’s a wide variety of hues and finishes, so you’ll be able to experience a metamorphic spring transformation — just like our tiny winged friends.

What better way to perk us up than with some fresh new makeup that reflects the cheerful, color-filled essence of spring? The collection is imbued with a whimsical flair that you can’t help but smile over. So no matter what you need to add to your collection, this new line has you covered.

Here’s what you can shop from ColourPop’s Pretty Fly Collection.

1Just Dew It Face Duo, $12

Credit: Courtesy of ColourPop

It includes Zip, a matte burnt coral and Zoom, a rich peach with gold sheen.

2Winging It Face Duo, $12

Credit: Courtesy of ColourPop

Featuring Whirl, a soft matte lilac and Swirl, an icy metallic lilac.

3Clock Work Face Duo, $12

Credit: Courtesy of ColourPop

Including Tick, a soft matte orange and Tock, a metallic peachy champagne.

4Butterfly Lux Lipstick, $7

Credit: Courtesy of ColourPop

In eight different shades that include: Unravelled, a bright red violet; Afterglow, a true blue pink; Angel City, a dusty berry; Dream Easy, a soft coral red; Reverie, an orange-y coral; Carousel, a true pastel peach; and Tip Toe, a light cool-toned nude. Get the whole set for $52.

5Super Shock Shadow, $5.

Credit: Courtesy of ColourPop

Choose from 14 different shades with a variety of duo-chrome, glitter, and metallic finishes. You’ll be swooning, we promise.

6Pretty Fly Super Shock Shadow Kit, $30

Credit: Courtesy of ColourPop

You’ll love these six shades, including: Up In The Air, a dirty plum in a satin finish; Goodbye Butterfly, a pastel peachy pink with gold duo-chrome in a satin finish; Soul-cilizing, a soft pink lavender with pink and silver glitter in an ultra-glitter finish; Three’s A Cloud, a rich amber gold in a metallic finish; Flux With You, a light gold with silver glitter in an ultra-glitter finish; and Force Behavior, a light pink beige with silver, gold, and pink glitter in an ultra-glitter finish.

7New Theory Lippie Stix Kit, $30

Credit: Courtesy of ColourPop

Featuring: Little Tings, a mid-tone mauve pink in a creme finish; Persuasion, a deepened plum in a matte finish; Lullaby, an intense orange-y red in a matte X; Fly-fi, a red terracota in a matte X; Sike, a deep dirty peach in a matte finish; and Ink Blot, a warm neutral beige in a matte finish.

Not enough? Get the whole collection here for $170. Head on over to ColourPop before they ~fly~ off the shelves, because you know they will.