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March 17, 2016 10:04 am

It can be a super tough challenge finding the right shade of foundation. For some people (like me!) even the super ivory, pale-as-a-ghost shade can sometimes be far too orange, making a ‘natural look’ all but impossible if you want to go for full coverage. And we all know that when your face is a different color than your neck, it’s pretty obvious that foundation is the culprit.

Recently, I bought a new foundation (Maybelline Superstay 24hr, if you must know) in the lightest shade they make, which looked very light in the bottle. Because I bought it at a drug store, there was really no way to test it against my skin before purchasing. However, when I got home and was actually able to try it on, I realized I had made a big mistake — I’m not kidding when I say it’s still far too dark and leaves me looking like 90% of my diet is made up of carrots.

Because I don’t like to waste money, I didn’t really want to return it, and like I said, it was the lightest shade in their line. The coverage is good, even if the color isn’t a match, so I was determined to make it work. I set out looking for a solution.

I found a few solutions online that promised to lighten my foundation, but most of them were more costly than the original cost of the foundation itself. I was nearly about to give up, but then I remembered that I had a $5 pot of Snazaroo ‘Clown White’ makeup lying around leftover from Halloween. I wondered what would happen if I mixed a teeny bit into the too-dark-for-me formula that I’d so far been unable to use. It seemed like a weird idea, but I knew I’d just end up throwing the foundation away anyway if I didn’t find a solution, so I decided to try it out.

Well, this is what happened. A miracle.


The right image is the same exact foundation, mixed with a little blob of Snazaroo and some pressed powder. Despite the name, I definitely think I look more like a clown before adding the Snazaroo! You can’t even see my blush on that orange foundation!

Because you can change how much Snazaroo you mix in, this hack makes it easy to use the same foundation throughout the year and still have it match your skin tone, regardless of how tan (or not) you are. Because it’s so opaque, it gives a really wonderful, thick coverage and lasts forever with powder. It’s a water-based face paint and while it does come off easily with just soap and water, I recommend using a scrub every once in a while and washing it off thoroughly to avoid getting spots if you happen to have oily skin.

Note: Snazaroo is not a vegan product as it contains lanolin, but they do not test their products on animals.

Claire recently finished her degree in Japanese Studies, and is suffering from an extreme case of wanderlust. She often wishes she was a pirate but settles for reading books and watching movies with her dog instead.