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Clinique is starting off this month with a bang, announcing its first-ever U.S. standalone store, just in time for New York Fashion Week. The store, located at 132 Prince Street in NYC’s Soho neighborhood, is a virtual reality-infused, pop-up experience centered around the customizable Clinique iD moisturizer that launched in December 2018. Clinique iD, which allows customers to create their very own personalized moisturizer based on skin type and major skin concerns, is available in 15 customizable blends. And for a short time, you’ll get to make yours while partaking in a unique VR experience.

The Clinique iD moisturizer will be the only product available for purchase in-store, but the virtual reality experiences are not to be missed.


When you first enter the Clinique pop-up shop, your journey begins with a virtual consultation that snaps a photo of your skin to reveal underlying skin concerns. Based the assessment, you are matched to your personalized moisturizer. Each of the five skin concerns has an individual path (marked on the floor) that leads you to your perfect blend of moisturizer, but the journey and customization doesn’t stop there. After you sample your blend, you have the opportunity to grab a bottle to take home and make it Insta-ready with fun sticker add-ons and custom labeling. Your customizable moisturizer will figuratively and literally have your name written all over it.

Once you get the important skin care stuff out the the way, the real games begin. Visitors have the opportunity to throw on VR goggles to take a trip across the world to Iceland. And no trip or pop-up is complete without a good photo-op, so before you leave, make sure to head to the green-screened photo booth to take a selfie with Morocco, Japan, Spain, Bali, and Iceland as your backdrop. Each country corresponds to the five available Clinique iD cartridges: Fatigue, Lines & Wrinkles, Irritation, Pores, and Uneven Skin Texture, along with the origin of key ingredients that Clinique has infused into every cartridge. Throw on a silk rope in Japan, or a ski suit with Iceland as your backdrop—the choice is yours.


If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the Clinique iD moisturizer, the pop-up is the perfect excuse to create your own with a truly inventive experience. The Clinique iD pop-up shop will be open now until February 17th from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. You absolutely don’t want to miss it.