Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Apr 22, 2019 @ 9:22 am
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Credit: Hermetica, HelloGiggles

One of the best ways to celebrate the earth is by implementing more sustainable daily habits. While it may sound overwhelming at first, switching to clean beauty products is one of the most concrete changes you can make to improve the environment, and it’s becoming increasingly easier. With the boom of independent and green beauty brands, there are now endless options that appeal to all different preferences.

In the very recent past, clean beauty was often correlated with granola brands and relatively mild results, but now you can find everything from earthy goodness to luxury high-result skin care under the clean umbrella.

In celebration of Earth Day, here are 18 of the buzziest, newest, and most crush-worthy clean beauty goodies for your perusal.

1Hermetica Rosefire Perfume

If you’re a fan of luxury style perfume, then you already know that most high-end fragrances are highly synthetic. Luckily, Hermetica’s clean and alcohol-free offerings make it possible to satisfy both your taste AND your ethics, so you can smell like a champagne lifestyle without filling the ocean with champagne bottles.

2Crop Natural Mascara

Credit: Credo

If you want dramatic eyes without all of the synthetic goo, Crop Natural has a fantastic formula made of natural oils, wax, and sugar molecules, so you can go clean but also go smokey.

3Saint Jane Beauty Microdose Lip Gloss

Whether it’s in our coffee, booze, candy, or makeup products, CBD is all the rage, and the cruelty-free brand, Saint Jane Beauty, has jumped in on the trend with five luscious shades of CBD-infused lip gloss. Normally it’s frowned upon to eat your lip gloss, but since it’s vegan, clean, and has CBD, licking your lips might not be a bad idea?!

4Wildist Dreamomile Nighttime Natural Toothpaste

This toothpaste combines the classic mint flavor with the goodness of charcoal, and it’s completely clean and recyclable, as with all Wildist products. (Although, the packaging is cute enough you may want to repurpose it.)

5Innersense Create Waves Texturing Salt Spray

Credit: Credo

First of all, this spray is clean and non-toxic, so Mother Earth approves. Second of all, its infused with Himalayan pink salt and amethyst crystal, so your hair can be as shimmery and magical as your favorite stones.

6Wabi-Sabi Botanicals Ageless Ritual Face Mist

Credit: Credo

This clean hydrosol facial spray magically straddles the balance of being both clean and opulent with its infusion of black amani, white carterii frankincense, and delicate orange blossom undertones.

7RMS Beauty Luminizing Powder

This mineral powder highlighter comes in three shades and is particularly ideal if you’re looking for a clean highlighter option that pops while being gentle on sensitive skin.

8Ilia True Skin Radiant Priming Serum

Primer is one of the cosmetic must-haves can be difficult to find with a clean formula. Oftentimes, the very ingredients that make makeup stay on are the most synthetic and damaging to the environment (and our skin). But this silicone-free bad boy taps into nature with ingredients like hibiscus extract, aloe, and beta-glucan.

9Noto Botanics Resurface Scrub

Credit: Noto Botanics

If you’re looking for a clean but extremely effective exfoliant, Noto Botanic’s high performing vegan and cruelty-free scrub might be just what you’re looking for. This formula mixes everything from peppermint, to blood orange, to walnut power in order to promote your brightest spring face.

10L:A Bruket Almond Coconut Lip Balm

Why not smooch on some nature with this clean and non-toxic lip balm infused with coconut and almond goodness?! It’s a Swedish brand, so you can feel extra cultured this Earth Day.

11YUNI Beauty Hot Head Microveil Hair Treatment

This clean, non-greasy oil is great for adding shine or nourishing split ends or frizzy fly-aways. It’s formulated with a blend of essential oils, vitamins A, C, and E, and argan and kukui oil to make your strands happy.

12MODA Brush Mythical Traveler Kit

Credit: MODA

Normally, something this psychedelic would be constructed purely out of acid visions. But Moda’s vegan brush offerings somehow combine the aesthetics of fantasy with a sense of ethics and responsibility towards the planet, an ideal marriage.

13Moonbox Ultimate R&R Box

Credit: Moonbox

Moonbox is a beauty subscription box service that is not only dedicated to luxe clean products, but also regularly donates proceeds to Trees for the Future, an organization that teaches sustainable farming practices. For every box sold, a tree is planted, (18,287 of them so far). This particular box includes a lush shower steamer, a calendula bath bomb, a lilac and willow candle, a herkimer diamond crystal ring, colored selenite wands, a surprise in-house tea blend and oil rollerball.

14Caudalie Overnight Recovery Oil

Credit: Caudalie

If you want to wake up with baby skin, Caudalie’s overnight oil might be your golden ticket. The clean and cruelty-free formula is pumped full of six active and 100% natural oils to deep moisturize, but it spreads on light.

15Jurlique Love Balm

Credit: Akira Beauty

Who among us doesn’t want our skin to be pampered with the clean, sweet scent of a rose-infused moisturizing balm?!

16bareMinerals Well-Rested Under Eye Brightener SPF 20

Credit: Akira Beauty

Finding an effective concealer that is also clean can feel like a real chore, which is why bareMinerals’ SPF-infused mineral pigments feel like a god(dess) send.

17Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water

Credit: Akira Beauty

This clean and gentle makeup remover combines white birch sap with hot spring water and lavender flower to help clean off your makeup without the harsh chemicals.

18Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask

Credit: Akira Beauty

This floral mask is both gentle and beneficial for all skin types and textures.