Madison Vanderberg
Updated Oct 05, 2017 @ 2:19 pm

There are many things about 2017 that make us want to escape into a television show, book, or makeup tutorial in an attempt to temporarily give our brains a break from the actual nightmare, pain, and headache of the real world. If your form of self-care is casually breezing through celebrity Instagrams, let us point you toward one we find absolutely hypnotizing: Chrissy Teigen getting her hair and makeup done in a timelapse video.

Teigen posted this timelapse video with her glam squad and though we can’t quite put our finger on why, watching it is oddly satisfying and soothing.

We see you, shirtless John Legend! 😇

Forget a meditation app — can we just have 15 straight minutes of Teigen being transformed into a glamazon at triple speed?

Anyway, it seems like this may have been the final look:

When Teigen was pregnant, she joked that she was “that asshole” who would only get her makeup done lying down.

“All I do now is SnapChat from lying down. Everything is lying down,” Teigen told People Style in 2016. “If I’m not on camera then I am horizontal in the back, I just don’t know why. I’ve become that asshole that gets her hair and makeup done lying down and I’m ashamed to say it, but I still love it I really do. I still prefer it over normal life!”

Chrissy, however you like to get your makeup done, more of these videos please.