Karen Fratti
Updated Apr 10, 2017 @ 2:14 pm

So, no big deal or anything, but we’ve found the nicest, sweetest, most empowering thing on the internet today and you’re probably going to want to sit down and grab a box of tissues to hear all about it. As if we needed one more reason to want to be BFFs with her, Chrissy Teigen just paid a Twitter user’s tuition for esthetician school, in full.

The best part is that she did in the most low-key, normal way — there was no petition to get her attention, no big PR stunt behind it.

Here’s how Teigen’s act of kindness went down.

Teigen follows Mercedes Edney on Twitter, and saw that she had an online fundraiser for her beauty school tuition. On Thursday, the cookbook author and all-around amazing human being threw down $5,605 out of the $5,995 goal — basically the remaining balance after some other friends had thrown in what they could afford.

Edney is a St. Croix native who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is an independent skin care consultant and the owner of her own business, Ixora Botanical Beauty. In addition to showing off her products on Twitter, she’s been trying to get certified for some time now to up her game. It was going to take some time to reach the tuition goal, but Teigen just changed the timeline for her. Mercedes tweeted that she marched herself right down to the school to leave the enrollment deposit.

At first she didn’t believe it.


Then she realized who it was.


This is the only acceptable reaction.




We can’t even deal with how amazing this is. And not just simply because Teigen empowered another woman by giving her a hand in kickstarting her career, although that’s obviously amazing. More than anything else, it’s a really good lesson about asking and receiving, which Mercedes herself talks about in another Twitter thread, trying to process this random act of awesomeness. false

Mercedes had the courage to start Ixora because of the support she received from her social network. Once, her laptop broke — a complete setback for a small business owner — and someone donated an old one. Another person helped her financially when she needed to re-brand her business. And she started her YouCaring fundraiser because a friend — who said as much on Twitter in response to the news — encouraged her to *ask* for help.

You might not always get the major generosity of a celeb like Teigen, but learning to ask for help when you need it is an important skill for every woman. It’s hard to do it all, and the more women admit that things are tough and that they could use a hand, the better.

Whether it’s asking a friend to babysit while you run errands, put in a good word for you for that new job you’re eyeing, or just listen to you cry about whatever’s bringing you down, asking for help is essential for your mental health.

And, as Mercedes and Teigen just showed us, sometimes it can do wonders for whatever’s getting in your way.