Briana Hansen
December 08, 2016 2:55 pm
Nailed It NZ/

What’s more fun than a beautiful manicure? Why, a beautiful manicure that you can also eat, obviously. And that’s exactly what this delectable chocolate manicure offers.

The genius behind this concept is New Zealander Jessie Mills, who shared the step-by-step process of getting the most delicious nails ever.

Mills uploaded the video on her YouTube channel, Nailed It NZ. She’s careful to point out up top that she’s sharing this video just for fun. While this design is surprisingly durable, it’s not exactly long-lasting. But that doesn’t make it any less mouthwatering.

Mills has been doing nail art tutorials since 2012, and her obvious expertise is partly what makes this video so fun to watch.

She uses writing icing, a dotting tool, and little silver balls to create a beautiful chocolatey design.

Mills is actually really creative in her designs and the manicure looks pretty legit.

Her biggest challenge in the manicure (other than not eating all the stuff you’re using before you use it) is getting the nails themselves to dry.

Eventually, she finds that some cold air and a lot of patience will do the trick.

After the tutorial, she finally does taste the nails themselves and seemed plesantly surprised that they actually tasted really good.

Though, from the looks of them, that’s not surprising to us at all.

If you’re looking for something fun to stay in and do with your friends this holiday season while practicing your nail art skills, this fun chocolate manicure is perfect for you.

h/t Cosmopolitan