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TikTok Users Say The Chi Air Spin N Curl Is a Dyson Airwrap Dupe—and It's a Fifth of the Price

“It used to take me hours to curl my hair! This took me 10 minutes—first try!”
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For those who may consider themselves less than gifted in the area of hair styling, the thought of using a device that suctions your hair into perfect curls may sound a little scary at first. But as it turns out, this unconventional method might be the most user-friendly way to have a great hair day. TikTok users and Amazon shoppers alike have found that one device in particular is especially good at doing this: Chi's Spin N Curl hair curler

In one video that racked up 5.5 million views, TikTok user @meimonstaa showed off how the Chi tool works. All you have to do is hold a strand of hair close to the opening of the device, and then it will pull it in to curl it. After a few seconds, it beeps, letting the user know that it's time to release the strand, and out pops a curl. Another TikToker @laauren1, demonstrated the first time she used the Chi tool in a video that garnered 1.2 million views, professing, "I'll probably never curl my hair normally again."

Spin N Curl lovers have even gone as far as calling it a dupe for the popular—yet cost-prohibitive—Dyson Airwrap, which retails for $550. Because both devices use a heated airflow to create curls, they're less damaging than traditional curling irons that place hair in direct contact with hot metal or ceramic. While a good heat protectant is still essential while doing any kind of heat styling, this method makes it easier to avoid damaging your hair.

chi airwrap styler
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Amazon shoppers have also sung the Chi Spin N Curl's praises, with over 6,000 people giving it a five-star rating. Many specifically call out the device's user-friendly appeal. 

"Let me start off by saying I'm extremely bad at doing my own hair. I never, ever curl it myself at home because, while I can usually get the front parts of my hair to look okay, I can never get the back. This tool may seriously have changed that," wrote one reviewer. "There's a little learning curve (don't start too close to your scalp; mine seems to tangle if it's too close to the scalp), but so much easier than a curling iron!"

If you're worried about your hair getting caught in an endless spin, you can also rest easy—the device is designed to prioritize safety. "This product will immediately beep if it detects a tangle and doesn't continue to curl and make your hot mess worse. It's easy to pull the hair out and nothing has gotten stuck," wrote another shopper. "You can increase the temperature, which also increases the time your hair is spent in the barrel, to get relaxed curls or you can make them more intense. The curl holds really well and I don't experience them slowly fading away throughout the day."

Even shoppers with plenty of curling iron experience have come to appreciate this innovative device. One reviewer with 14 years as a hairdresser under their belt said that the Chi curler is a great dupe for the Dyson Airwrap, though they note it's best for medium-length and long hair. Reviewers with both naturally thick and curly and limp and straight hair have also given this tool a thumbs-up. 

Normally $98, the white model of the Spin N Curl is available for $5 off right now—so if refining your hair styling technique is one of your New Year's resolutions, now's the time to hop on this deal to get it done.