HelloGiggles Team
June 02, 2016 3:00 am

When you have an incredible smile, people take note. You’re perceived as a confident, happy, and successful person. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t born with perfectly straight teeth. And it can hurt our self-esteem—but it doesn’t have to.

According to a new Harris Poll survey, 70 percent of adults believe that making one simple improvement in their appearance would boost their confidence. That change could come in the form of a haircut, a makeover, or switching from glasses to contacts. But one of the biggest things that boosts confidence is having a nice smile.


“There is often a gap between where we are and where we want to be,” says Valorie Burton, bestselling author, speaker and life coach. “I always say, ‘Don’t burden yourself with a long list of goals. Instead, get inspired by taking action in one part of your life and it can have an effect on the rest of it.’”


Burton is dedicated to inspiring others to live more fulfilling lives. She helps people make major life changes, find joy, and speak up with confidence. Burton has discovered that one of the biggest confidence boosters is having a nice smile.

That’s where Invisalign® clear aligners come in. A series of virtually invisible plastic aligners that straighten your teeth over time, they work just like traditional metal braces, but with a huge difference: they are removable and nearly undetectable. And right now, Invisalign is giving away five Smile Grants for free treatment! Just click here and share what you would accomplish with a new, more confident smile for a chance to win.

Invisalign has positively impacted people of all ages. Here are some of their stories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

Caring about having a nice smile doesn’t make you vain or insecure; it means you value how others perceive you, and how you perceive yourself. It also means you don’t want to hold yourself back from opportunities. Often, making one positive change can create a ripple effect on your life, and investing in a stunning smile could be where it all starts.

Once you see an increase in your confidence, that might lead to other positive changes, like applying for a new job, making a new friend, or shedding other insecurities. A great smile can help you feel more confident at work or at school, and in friendships and relationships. It can help boost your confidence before a big event, like your prom, graduation, or wedding. And best of all, it can help encourage you to take risks and try new things.


“Fear is at the core of almost every hesitation, insecurity, and doubt,” says Burton. “If you have been held back in this way, know that there is a substantial benefit for finally confronting your physical insecurity.”

Of course, it’s not what your smile looks like that matters, but how you carry it. When you’re confident in your smile, you radiate the best version of you and light up a room. But if your smile makes you feel embarrassed, you’ll be more likely to shrink back into the shadows and less likely to conquer your personal goals. Invisalign treatment tackles these insecurities from day one. When you know you’re on your way to a perfect grin, you get an instant self-esteem boost.

That’s what’s so special about this treatment: You can actually see the difference it’s making on your smile throughout the process. You don’t have to wait until you’re finished to feel more confident about your smile, because you can see your teeth getting straighter.

Now is the time to set your ripple effect into motion. Maybe you’re a teenager not wanting to feel insecure with old-school braces. Or maybe you’re an adult who doesn’t love the idea of having a mouth full of metal in a professional setting. Whatever your reason, Invisalign can help you feel more confident and get the smile you love.