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Celeb makeup artist Sarah Tanno teaches us how to do a red carpet-inspired sparkly eye look

Celebrity makeup artist Sarah Tanno visited the HelloGiggles offices to give our senior beauty editor Marie a holiday eye makeup look inspired by Lady Gaga.
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When it comes to bangin' red carpet makeup, Lady Gaga always takes the cake. If you're a winged eye aficionado you'd especially agree, because Gaga knows how to rock a killer cat-eye like no other. And the woman behind many of those fierce looks? Celebrity makeup artist Sarah Tanno.

Tanno, who is the Global Artistry Ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty, always takes the cat-eye to a whole new level. So when she stopped by the HelloGiggles office in downtown LA, we had the opportunity to get glammed while learning her tips on how to create the perfect wing. Tanno says Gaga loves makeup as much as she does and calls her a "dream partner" to work with.

During her visit, Tanno created a holiday look for us based on Gaga's red carpet makeup for her Toronto Film Festival premiere for A Star Is Born. Yes, that one.

Kevin Winter/WireImage
| Credit: Kevin Winter/WireImage

Recreate this gorg look for that holiday party you're attending this weekend or New Year's. Better yet, do this look year-round when you want to invoke some Lady Gaga-esque glam.

Step 1

Alyssa Morin/HelloGiggles
| Credit: Alyssa Morin/HelloGiggles

First, she uses Marc Jacobs' "The Big Oh" eyeshadow as a sort of base. It helps her carve out the shape and sculpt what she's going to do on the eye. "This color is so versatile," Tanno says. "I like to contour with it on my face. I use it as a glow. I use it everywhere. It's just that trusty shade that you always rely on."

Step 2

Alyssa Morin/HelloGiggles
| Credit: Alyssa Morin/HelloGiggles

Next, she uses Gel Eyeliner to line the eye and draw a pointed edge in the crease to create the negative space. "Lady Gaga likes a nice strong liner," Tanno says. She used two liners, a blue Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner, with teal in the Highliner Glam Glitter Gel Eyeliner on top.

Hot Tip: Sarah uses a lot of Q-tips to get clear lines, so don't worry about messing up.

Step 3

Alyssa Morin/HelloGiggles
| Credit: Alyssa Morin/HelloGiggles

Apply the See-quins Glam Glitter Eyeshadow to your lid with your finger, tapping it down, and continue all the way to the brow. "Glitter is like a nightmare to work with, but this has made it really easy for me. Usually I keep my glitter confined in a separate place. It destroys everything," she says.

Step 4

Alyssa Morin/HelloGiggles
| Credit: Alyssa Morin/HelloGiggles

Apply mascara, like Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara. "I used to use three different mascaras on a look to get it full, with volume and length and curl," says Tanno, adding, "But this does all of that."

Step 5

Alyssa Morin/HelloGiggles
| Credit: Alyssa Morin/HelloGiggles

Do lips in a pinky-nude lipstick like Cream and Sugar, applied with a lip brush. Then use Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lipgloss in Shine A Light. "This lip gloss is literally beautiful over any color," she says. "I try it over red, over pink, it just sexifies any look."

Alyssa Morin/HelloGiggles
| Credit: Alyssa Morin/HelloGiggles

Finally, finish off with some bronzer and blush, and a quick-setting powder to cover, but you don't need too much. Says Tanno, "I don't like to use a lot of powder, just in the t-zone area. Everything else, we want to keep shiny. It's just choosing where to powder so you don't get that overly heavy makeup look."

Want Sarah's tip for creating a perfect Lady Gaga winged eye? She says:

"My tip for creating a wing is to line it up diagonally with the end of your eyebrow. Sometimes it helps to leave a little room at the end of your lash and make a little dot to connect. And for creating a cut crease from the end, you just want to bring it in straight to where your crease actually is."

And there you have it, Lady Gaga-inspired makeup secrets! Go forth, and may the winged eye odds be ever in your favor.