This cat costume is *one* thing you seriously need if you really want to commit this Halloween

Guys. Guys — IT’S ALMOST HALLOWEEN. And friends, we are freaking TF out, because we love nothing more than a good excuse to get all dressed up for the spookiest time of year. While there’s nothing wrong with taking things easy with a beautiful Halloween mask, if you really want to commit, this cat costume is all you need to really embrace all things Halloween. Like, trust us. It’s truly so beautiful, and a step above the rest.

All we want for Halloween is this incredibly epic cat costume look.

We’re bowing down to this makeup artist’s feet (er… should we say, paws?).

Literally from the brows to the flawless glow to the eyes, we love every single inch.

And it only gets better from there.

This amazing cat look combined with the perfect catsuit is so, so killer. Like, come on. How INCREDIBLE is this?!

We. Are. Not. Worthy!! But actually, all we want to be is a cat now. We’d definitely rock this for every day of Halloweekend. Because true Halloween pride is wanting to wear your costume for as long as possible!

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