With summer right around the corner, celebrities are getting ready to debut some fun summer-time looks. Getting ahead of the curve is Busy Phillipps, who just dyed her hair millennial pink! And we are so into her new look, it’s scary.

Busy Phillipps has really been keeping busy over the last year. It was recently announced that she will be starring in Tina Fey’s upcoming new show about sisters. Between that and her amazing friendship with Michelle Williams, it’s surprising that she has time to look so fabulous! Her new hair color is a popular shade called millennial pink, and the internet is living for it.

What the heck is millennial pink?

For those hearing about this shade for the first time, do not fret. Millennial pink is a color belonging to the grapefruit family, complete with apricot undertones. It’s fun, light, and millennials seem to love it, because it is all over Tumblr and Instagram. Lucky for Busy Phillipps, millennial pink also loves her.

The color is a great way to add something extra to your summer look this year. Instantly transform into a one-woman festival with this incredible pinkish hue. In addition, be prepared to tell people exactly how you got the color and where. They will be asking you.

Busy Phillipps is rocking this new look.

While many of us are too scared to dye our hair an adventurous color, Busy makes it look effortless.

The actress is pulling the look together by mixing and matching pops of color in her outfit. If you are too scared to try it out for yourself, you might want to invest into a wig, or possibly just wear the color in your wardrobe. When it comes to millennial pink, there really aren’t that many rules. Maybe this summer, you’ll try it out for yourself!