Credit: Instagram/Nicoleamorymakeupartist

]]Winged eyeliner sharp enough to slice a tomato is a thing of the past. There’s a new trend in town and we’re taking notice.

A tribute to the shaky handed liner jobs of our youth? A celebration of all things girly and lacey? Who cares, this trend takes skill and we’re into it. MUA and YouTuber @jennyg_makeup makes it look super simple by using the cap of an eyeliner pencil as a template. Genius, much?

Jenny isn’t the only artist embracing the trend, and even if you’re not exactly the MacDaddyyy of the squad you can get the look. The first thing you need is a matte liner that won’t budge. If you’re a beginner, try MAC Boot Black liquid liner. The felt tip is very user friendly and once it dries it stays in place all day.

If you’ve mastered eyeliner with an angled brush, try Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. This stuff is a holy grail for some of our favorite YouTubers and it’s a drugstore buy so you know it’s affordable. Since it’s a gel, it glides on your eye without pulling your skin and makes drawing the half circle shape pretty easy.

To make sure your scallops are even, mentally divide your eye into sections. Decide that the first scallop will go into the first 1/4 or so of your eye, the second into the halfway point, and so on. It’s also a lot easier if you ping pong this technique, do one scallop on your left eye then one on your right. This will make it easier to make sure they match up at the end.

It’s gonna take a little practice but once you’ve nailed this bubbley, scallopy, lacey, feminine trend, it just might replace your go-to liner look.