Here at HelloGiggles, we’re all about flaunting what makes you unique. After all, the only person who’s you is you, so you may as well be the most “you” that you can be, right? Mariana Mendes is in this same camp. But the 24-year-old from Juiz de Fora, Brazil understands the notion of flaunting what you got more than most. That’s because Mariana Mendes has a large birthmark on her face, and instead of being self-conscious, she uses it to empower her.

Although Mariana went through lightening sessions when she was six, it didn’t work and she stopped. However, she’s now happy with this outcome, because she feels that her birthmark makes her unique.

Called a nevus, which is defined as any mole or birthmark, Mariana’s birthmark is categorized as congenital melanocytic nevus, which means it features darker pigmentation and that it has been present since birth.

While many people may not understand this, Mariana isn’t too worried. Instead, she focuses on the fact that she has something different about her appearance, something that makes her uniquely her. In an interview with Metro, Mariana states,

We love how radiant Mariana is and that she’s using her birthmark to empower her. That’s the way to do it!!

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