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Three cheers for MAC, which is encouraging self-love and diversity with its new MACnificent Me campaign, and three cheers for Luzmaria, the first of six winners to be announced as the face of the campaign. Luzmaria is from Anaheim, California, and is here to show the world that you don’t have to be skinny to be beautiful.

In a touching video, Luzmaria explains her story. After being chosen for the competition, she was taken to New York to get the full star treatment. It’s something most of us could never dream of happening, but Luzmaria is doing it for a super important reason. “Some people think because you’re overweight…you don’t have feelings,” she says. “But with this I’m gunna prove them wrong.” She’s standing up to anyone who ever treated her as being less than human for how she looks, and it’s exciting. “When my kids have their kids,” she explains. “I’ll be like: ‘Hey, I was a model for MAC!'”

Which is not something you hear every day. That’s what’s so amazing about this campaign: MAC is giving the chance of a lifetime to the regular people who deserve it — and it’s already making change. Here are some of the YouTube comments on the video:


This is exactly what Luzmaria hoped to inspire in viewers. She explains:

She’s tired of the “finger pointing” that comes with her culture. There’s no reason that anyone should feel less than perfect for being different. Luzmaria proves that in the video below. Keep her words in mind, not just for the rest of the day, but any time you feel that you aren’t “beautiful” enough. Take a look:

(Image via YouTube.)