Kit Steinkellner
Updated Aug 28, 2015 @ 1:37 pm

You know us, we love an individuality-celebrating, inclusivity-minded campaign. That’s why we’re pretty obsessed with beauty line Carol’s Daughter’s new campaign #BornAndMade. The idea for the campaign came, in part from the brand’s name itself. Founder Lisa Price named her line after one of the most important roles in her life—being her mother Carol’s daughter.

“Where we’re born, what we were made with — whether those are good or bad things — all play into the people that we ultimately become,” Price told Pop Sugar.

In the spirit of celebrating where we come from and how our upbringing shapes us, Price launched the #BornAndMade campaign. At, women can upload a shot of themselves, and then add text about their lives- where they’re from, who’s daughter they are, what they are made of.

“The thing I love about the words is that they’re placed over your face, but your smile still shines through,” Price explained. “It almost takes the superficial and puts it in the background, so your beauty is still there but it’s as though it’s shining from within, and what’s paramount is your message.”

For this campaign, Carol’s Daughter partnered with I Am That Girl, an organization that provides a safe space for young women to develop self-confidence, both through their 150 local chapters, and their quarter-of-a-million strong online community. Which means that in addition to making a very social media worthy photo on the Born And Made site, you’re also supporting this awesome community outreach.

We’re in!