on July 21, 2016 in New York City.
Credit: James Devaney / Getty

Blake Lively has had a very busy year. The Gossip Girl star was in two movies released this year, The Shallows and All I See is You. She is also expecting her second baby, but that doesn’t keep this busy actress from rocking the red carpet and continuing to work. This week, Blake was filming a commercial for L’Oreál makeup, and she was totally having some fun on set.

Blake shared this photo of her on set, matching foundation colors with the mini doughnuts she’s eating.

Is that not the cutest? Blake matches what looks like a chocolate doughnut with a complimentary chocolatey shade, and she pairs the sugared doughnut with a creamier shade that matches. What a fun way to spend your shoot day, and we love seeing that even with all this craziness, Blake still has such a sense of fun. Plus, it’s making our foundation look a LOT more delicious.

BRB, we need to find ourselves a doughnut.