Amanda Grace
Updated Jan 23, 2017 @ 3:13 pm
Credit: Benefit Cosmetics /

Makeup has been around for centuries, and eyebrows have been filled in since the days of Ancient Egypt when Cleopatra used carbon to darken her power brows. It is now 2017 and the future of brows is here, courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics’ scientific Brow Translator. The brand’s new fun and free website allows you to take or upload a picture and run it through the translator, revealing just what your eyebrows say about you!

Did you know brows are more expressive than any other facial feature? With the help of facial expression analysis expert Dr. Javid Sadr, Benefit set out to learn exactly how to portray the connection between our eyebrows and our emotions. This is how the Brow Translator was born!

Benefit used their new technology on the brows of some of our favorite beauty influencers, so obviously we can’t wait to try it too!

Credit: Instagram / Benefit Cosmetics

Our favorite Cover Boy has the best bold brows!

Credit: Instagram / Benefit Cosmetics

Seductive brows indeed, Benefit is so spot on!

Credit: Instagram / Benefit Cosmetics

So how do our brows fare? We will have to see according to Benefit!

Check out the Brow Translator here!