Devan McGuinness
August 23, 2016 2:21 pm
YouTube / Vogue

Anyone who has traveled knows that jet lag is a real thing. You got on the plane looking fierce only to arrive looking tired with full-force dark circles. But then, you see celebrities who are constantly jet-setting around the world and still look flawless after a 12-hour flight. What gives?! What IS their secret?

Thankfully for us, supermodel Bella Hadid is doing us a major solid and sharing her easy beauty routine that helps her look like she’s more refreshed off the plane than when she boarded.

YouTube / Vogue

Hadid, who announced her beauty partnership with Dior in Vogue‘s September issue, filmed a video showing her tried and true secrets for looking like she slept restfully during her entire plane ride. Newsflash: We’re totally stealing ALL OF THEM.

1. Go for quick coverage

YouTube / Vogue

The first tip Hadid shares is that she’s a big fan of concealer. She says it takes care of the dark circles that are almost inevitable with jet lag and she’s not too picky about where she puts it either. “Just wing it, you know? Just put it, like, everywhere.” DULY NOTED.

2. Contouring is on point

YouTube / Vogue

If you thought someone was born with perfect cutting cheekbones, chances are, contouring has a little to do with it. Hadid shares that she likes to define her jawline and cheekbones with a quick contour stick for definition. “I like to put some here for a little definition,” she says, using a Beautyblender to blend out the product. “Definition’s always good.”

3. Use your fingers

YouTube / Vogue

Nothing will brighten up your eye faster than some shimmery eyeshadow, and that’s the supermodel’s next trick. She puts on a coat of mascara before using her fingers to swipe a gold shadow across her lids, paying special attention to the inner corner to “open your eyes a little bit.”

4. Define that brow

YouTube / Vogue

Nothing will shape your face better and make you look pulled together quite like the perfect on-point brow, which is Hadid’s next tip. She fills in her “tiny” brows with a defining pencil making it look effortless, but it has a big impact.

5. Pull it back

YouTube / Vogue

Her final step in kicking jet lag’s booty pulls together the whole look by tackling the hair. It’s hard to pull off that blowout look off the plane so she doesn’t even try. Instead, she pulls back her wet hair and ties it into a sleep top-knot. “I don’t have any hair ties, so it turned out to be a bun,” she shrugs.

At the end of her video you can see just how well her tips worked because she definitely doesn’t look like she just hopped off a plane. We love the quick tips for an everyday boost, too.

Watch the entire video, here: