Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Aug 26, 2016 @ 12:14 pm
tiffany ma 3
Credit: YouTube / MissTiffanyMa

The concept of makeup as an art is a well-known fact among beauty-lovers and makeup artists alike. However, the idea of makeup as a LITERAL artistry was brought to another level when YouTuber and beauty vlogger Tiffany Ma did a make-up tutorial using art supplies and managed to look incredibly good doing it.

Her inventive challenge was spurred by the vlogging community’s recent spur of avant-garde tests, which included a woman applying 100 layers of a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, a beauty vlogger doing a make-up tutorial with dollar store items, and another vlogger doing a full face using only kids’ makeup.

Besides the remarkable fact that Tiffany Ma was able to beautify her face in a simultaneously professional and radiant style with the use of art supplies, her sense of humor and overall charm made the tutorial twice as engaging.

Credit: YouTube / MissTiffanyMa

At one point near the beginning of the video, Ma found herself covered in an unflattering reddish chalk. Instead of editing the moment out, she made jokes to the internet about how this challenge may have been a mistake.

Credit: YouTube / MissTiffanyMa

Her ability to correct the cosmetic color issue with children’s chalk while keeping a sense of humor has me ready to vote her into presidential office next election. That kind of cool is unprecedented.

For those in awe of her high-skilled, low-budget look, the empress of makeup application used face paint and an angled brush for winged eyeliner, a Sharpie marker for mascara, chalks for powder and blush, markers for lipstick, and a variety of wetted colored pencils for her eyeshadow look.

Credit: YouTube / MissTiffanyMa

Needless to say, her ability to look coiffed and gorgeous using supplies most of us stained our hands with only further proves the nuanced artistry of makeup.

Credit: YouTube / MissTiffanyMa

While we’re impressed by Tiffany’s skills, we don’t really recommend trying this tutorial at home. It’s not particularly safe to use anything on your face that isn’t made for that purpose.

Watch her do her thing, below.