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Credit: Instagram / Farah Dhukai

I’ve been a fan of Farah Dhukai since her “Draw My Life” video in 2013. (Warning, it’s a tear jerker.) Her natural DIYs and hair tutorials are creative and easy to follow. She posts a lot of them on her Instagram page and I can personally vouch for the turmeric mask—it’s a game changer.

In her latest viral video (via, Farah shows us how to multi-mask which is when you use different masks on only the areas that need them. Using an acne mask on your T-zone alone and a hydrating mask everywhere else would be an example of this. For most beauty junkies, this is nothing new. Plus, it’s an amazing way to preserve pricey masks. (Do I need to use my acne mud mask where I never break out? Girl, no. I’ll save that for later, thank you very much.)

Credit: Instagram / Farah Dhukai

Farah takes multi-masking a step further by literally highlighting and contouring her face without makeup. She created a brightening mask out of rose petals, honey, and yogurt and a tightening mask out of coffee grounds, cacao, and honey. Next, she simply applies them the same way you would with concealers, creams, or powders.

Here’s the highlighting…

Credit: Instagram / Farah Dhukai

Then the contouring….

Credit: Instagram / Farah Dhukai

The after results are pretty awesome.

Credit: Instagram / Farah Dhukai

Check out the vid, below.