Alyssa Morin
July 31, 2017 12:00 pm

If you’re a fan of the vlogging world, you may have heard of Chrisspy, one of YouTube’s top beauty gurus. We can’t get enough of her ultra-glam makeup looks and incredible character transformations — she’s the genius behind the Dory and Yoda videos that went viral. Christina Cagle, known online as Chrisspy, has over one million subscribers on her channel and over 3 million on Instagram. And it’s easy to see why: She’s talented, creative, and relatable.

We caught up with Chrisspy during a NYX Cosmetics event, and learned that there’s so much more to the beauty vlogger than meets the eye. Case in point: when she met her followers during the soirée, Chrisspy kept it real. She talked beauty, fashion, how-tos, and pretty much everything with her subscribers, nothing was off the table. For someone as popular as Chrisspy, she remains personable, authentic, and oh-so-relatable.

We chatted with Chrisspy about the transformation video she hasn’t yet uploaded to YouTube, the one thing she always does in the morning, and most importantly, her tips for keeping makeup in place when it’s hot AF.

As for her fave NYX product, the beauty guru said,

HelloGiggles: You are known for doing crazy makeup transformations, how long do those usually take and how many times do you usually practice before filming?

Chrisspy: My transformations are the most technically challenging projects I’ve ever done. They take anywhere from three to five hours to complete. I never practice before, I do my first try on camera. It’s an optical illusion, so you have to alter shapes and lines to the contours of your face so they appear a certain way on camera. The next time I do one, I will definitely do a practice run before hand.

HG: What inspires your transformations?

Chrisspy: I like doing cartoons versus actual people. One day I’ll do a human transformation, though. I actually did a Will Ferrell transformation of Mugatu that never made it to YouTube.

HG: What is your morning routine like?

Chrisspy: A good morning routine would be meditating right when I wake up, going to the gym, and following my daily schedule. I’m writing my schedule at night now, which helps me focus on my workouts and meditation in the morning.

HG: What beauty trends from the past would you love to see make a comeback?

Chrisspy: I love frosty lipsticks, which I see making a comeback. I also love retro hair, it’s always a classy and put together look.

HG: What is your favorite feature to play up when applying makeup?

Chrisspy: Lips, eyes, and cheeks. However, my favorite feature to play up is the eyes. There’s so much you can do, and so many ways to transform the face, from innocent to smoldering. It’s so much fun to me.

HG: We live in sunny LA and our faces melt in the summer. What tips do you have for keeping our makeup looking flawless during the heat?

Chrisspy: Using a setting powder all over the face will help you stay matte throughout the heat. Also, avoid touching your face. If you have to blot, use a tissue or blotting sheet.

HG: What is the one makeup product you can’t leave the house with?

Chrisspy: I usually only take my lip product with me to touch up, and maybe a blot powder.

HG: If you only had $50 to spend at NYX Cosmetics, what would you buy?

Chrissy: Definitely Matte Liquid Liner, and the glitters are awesome too. The Contour and Highlight Pro Palette, and some Butter Lipsticks.
For more of Chrisspy’s crazy makeup transformations, you can check out her YouTube channel.