Karen Belz
Updated Aug 28, 2017 @ 4:33 pm

It’s good to know that even while in the bunker, she still got a pretty good education on skin care. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Lauren Adams loves masks, and she’s got the Instagram account to prove it.

Adams plays Gretchen Chalker, the mole woman who kinda-sorta liked bunker life a little too much. In fact, her character joined Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne’s cult voluntarily. (She even tried to maintain the strict lifestyle outside of the bunker, as well.) She’s definitely one of our favorites, so we’re so glad that she’s sharing her hobby of beauty products with her fans.

Her account is called “maskingfortrouble,” and we’re really digging her recommendations.

Adams admitted she put some of the masks in her refrigerator, which may be the best suggestion yet for these final hot days of summer.

She also helps us find out about strange masks that we never even knew were available. For example, this mask that claims to revitalize your neck.

And, she’s not just about sheet masks. She’s into — well — everything. No wonder Gretchen has always had such a lovely face these past few seasons.

She’s even tried out a few hair masks.

The account also shows that Adams has a pretty good sense of humor. (Of course, we had a feeling from watching her on Kimmy Schmidt.)

It should come as no surprise that she’s done a lot with comedy. Adams has studied at the Upright Citizens Brigade since 2007, and she also works with a sketch group called Onassis. So, she’s constantly keeping busy with humorous projects outside of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt that you should probably check out after you peruse her Instagram.

Next time you’re looking to try out a mask, stop by Adams’ account and see if she’s already given it a shot.