Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Sep 11, 2017 @ 4:21 pm
Credit: Moda Brush /

Occasionally, the universe blesses us with the ability to have our cake and eat it too. Or, in the case of beauty tools, the universe allows us to have our golden luxe brush sets and have money leftover to eat. Case in point: the newly released MODA metallics makeup brush collection includes 24 brushes and seven new kits, and they all look fit for royalty. The kicker? They don’t cost an arm and a leg, the affordable individual makeup brushes cost between $5-$10, and the brush kits run for $25 or less. These are some numbers we can get behind.

Look at these, they look like they’d cost over $50 and exclusively be delivered via a horse-drawn carriage.

A servant would carry them to your castle quarters and you’d be fanning yourself with a feather when they arrived.

These beautiful brushes would make a great birthday or holiday gift, particularly the curated sets.

For example, the MODA Metallics 5-pc Bold Eye Kit costs just $14.99. You can browse and shop the MODA Metallics collection online through the MODA or Walmart websites.

These brushes are so chic they somehow pull off a shag carpet.

That’s when you KNOW you’ve made it. Also, the MODA Metallics Face Perfecting Kit only costs $24.99, so get on it.

We’re always here for luxurious beauty tools that cost less than a cheeseburger, especially when they’re golden.