Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated March 01, 2018
Courtesy of Garnier

Okay, it’s official: Mandy Moore is America’s sweetheart. If ever there were a celeb who walks the walk, it’s Mandy. She’s about as genuine and down-to-earth as it gets, and we all love her for it.

Those of us who have loved Mandy since her “Candy” days are thrilled for her recent successes, which include starring on This is Us, one of the most popular shows on television right now, and becoming a spokesmodel for Garnier. The news that Mandy is using her powers for good doesn’t surprise us.

Mandy Moore and Garnier have partnered with DoSomething and TerraCycle on a nationwide recycling campaign known as Rinse, Recycle, and Repeat. Aimed at young people, this ongoing initiative is the first-ever beauty-recycling program specifically developed to make the collection and recycling of beauty empties easier than ever.

Did you know that not all beauty products can be recycled in the same way?

In an effort to raise awareness and make recycling an easy, everyday part of our lives, Mandy Moore and Garnier are working hard to let us know what we can do to make a difference. After all, it’s our planet and we should be working hard to keep it healthy — it’s the only one we’ve got.

We had the opportunity to talk with Mandy Moore about her partnership with Garnier and the Rinse, Recycle, and Repeat program.

Courtesy of Garnier

She shed light on how it all goes down and what we can do to be better stewards of the earth. We all love our beauty products, and we might as well dispose of them properly.

Since not many people know that that you can’t always recycle beauty empties like regular plastic products, we asked Mandy for some key tips so we can understand the basic differences. Mandy told HelloGiggles:

This is where the genius of this campaign comes in. Mandy explains, “If you go to garnierusa.com, there’s gonna be information and a whole recycling guide about how you can properly recycle all your beauty and personal care products.” This is what Mandy believes is the core of this campaign.

It’s now going to be really easy to get the information we all need on how to recycle beauty empties.

We asked Mandy to tell us a bit about how the Rinse, Recycle, Repeat program actually works. She said:

Mandy really believes in the power of educating people in the correct way to recycle their empties, and she lives it in her everyday life. She mentions, “I keep my little recycling bin in my kitchen next to the rest of my recyclables.”

And here’s the best part: Mandy tells us that, “Once it’s filled with 10 pounds, you’ll be able to print a free shipping label to send your empties off to so they can be responsibly recycled.” It really couldn’t be easier. The Rinse, Recycle, Repeat program is being aimed specifically at young people such as college and high school students, so we asked Mandy why she thinks it’s important to reach a young audience with this message.

Mandy told HelloGiggles:

Once we know how easy it is to make a difference in our environment, it’s time to pay it forward and share this with others so we can make the greatest impact possible. We can all be active in our communities, and Mandy agrees.

She told us, “I think that it’s about motivating one another and educating one another to stay committed so it’s a part of our daily lives and it’s in the forefront of our minds. We all live here. This is everybody’s planet and we want to take care of it and we all want to be as responsible as possible. And we all are responsible for taking care of the environment so future generations have a place to live and thrive. I think it’s about realizing that no difference is too small and education and empowerment is really the first way to go about that.”

Courtesy of Garnier

Sometimes it might feel easier to just toss something like a shampoo bottle or a lipstick in the trash because we think, “What’s the big deal? It’s just this one thing, it doesn’t matter.” But Mandy knows this isn’t the case. She said:

If you’re looking for small, easy ways to make a difference, Mandy recommends, “Keep some sort of recycling bin in your orbit, whether it’s in your bathroom or your kitchen where mine is. Just that constant reminder to recycle — again, make it part of your routine, make it a habit, and educate your family and friends. Arm yourself with a couple of those simple statistics because they are pretty mind-blowing. Share your routine and what you’ve done to change your life and how easy it is, and what an impact it can have on the planet. I think that’s pretty powerful.”

When asked what it was about this collaboration that really excited her, the actress was quick to tell us how her work with Garnier is a reflection of her commitment to the environment. She said:

Courtesy of Garnier

Mandy clearly lays out all the simple ways in which we can make a difference, and it makes it all seem much less daunting. These are doable, small changes we can all make that will remind us that we can all make a positive impact. So often environmental issues can seem really overwhelming and out of our hands, but having concrete choices can actually have a huge positive effect in the world around us.

Head on over to Garnier and learn more to do your part, just like your girl, Mandy.