Olivia Harvey
August 11, 2017 8:55 am

If you’re married to one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood, you’d be a fool not to steal her beauty products. Justin Theroux is no fool. Wife Jennifer Aniston says that Theroux is constantly raiding her beauty cache and honestly — we would too!

Aniston talked to Refinery29 about her laundry list of beauty dos, don’ts, and never-haves that Hollywood has claimed she has. But when it comes to her sharing her beauty routine with her husband, Aniston doesn’t mind it much.

In fact, Aniston might actually encourage Theroux to indulge in a little beauty routine every once in a while. She told Refinery29,

“He kind of manscapes [laughs], which I actually enjoy. I enjoy a nicely manscape-d partner.”

So what beauty products does Aniston (and Theroux) swear by? The short list consists of a lot of Aveeno products, which makes sense because she’s the Aveeno spokesperson. Specifically, Aniston loves her Aveeno sunscreen and has one in almost every room of her house.

She also loves, ” L’Oréal Lash Out Mascara. And Neutrogena soap. I switch up my hair products a little bit, though.”

Aniston is all about the phrase sharing is caring in regards to her go-to beauty products. Whether she’s sharing beauty tips with fans or sharing shampoo with her husband, she’s never one to keep secrets.

She even admitted that she wasn’t a fan of “The Rachel” haircut. We’ll agree to disagree on that one, Jen.