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Graduation season is here. It’s that time of year when you finish up your classes, order your cap and gown, and mentally prepare yourself to walk across the stage to get your diploma. As Elle Woods famously said in Legally Blonde, “We did it!”

From your shoes to your outfit to your hair and makeup, we want you to look and feel your best. Those photos (and memories) will last forever, and the last thing you want is to fuss with your graduation cap the whole time. Trust us, we know keeping your graduation cap in place is something on your mind. Pinterest reports that searches for “graduation hair” have gone up 96% since January.

So to give you one less thing to stress about on your special day, we spoke to celebrity hairstylist David Lopez about how to best keep our graduation cap in place. He’s worked with Ashley Graham and Hailey Baldwin, so he knows a thing or two when it comes to hair. Luckily, Lopez shared the number-one hair product everyone should use to keep their graduation cap from falling down and the three ways to style your hair on your big day.

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First up, no matter what hairstyle you do, the best way to keep your graduation cap in place is to use bobby pins. They are a staple for a reason. However, not just any regular bobby pin will do, and Lopez shared which ones are the best ones to buy, saying:

Unlike the bobby pins we’re used to — you know, the ones that only have plastic on the ends and are made of metal — the rubberized ones are made entirely of, well, rubber. You can easily find rubberized bobby pins online or in drugstores.

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The easiest choice for a graduation cap-friendly hairstyle is to wear it down, and you’ll want to create the ‘X’ shape with your bobby pins. But if you want to hide your bobby pins, you can make a small hole in your graduation cap (just make sure you don’t do this to a rental or else you’ll be charged for damages). Place a small hole in the sides of your cap or in the back (this is where you can create the ‘X’ shape) and insert the bobby pin into it. You’ll only see a small part of the bobby pin as opposed to the whole thing.

If you don’t want to wear your hair completely down, Lopez suggests doing a half-up style. “You’re able to better anchor the cap and hairpins into the style.” Plus, with that hairstyle, you can easily disguise the bobby pins. But if you want something with a little more oomph, he tells us to go with a crown braid.

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Either way, bobby pins will be your best friend in terms of keeping your graduation cap in place. While it’s an obvious choice, hopefully Lopez’s advice and hairstyling tips will help you look your best on this special day.