Claire Beaudreault
Updated Dec 04, 2017 @ 1:03 pm
Courtesy of Impressions Vanity

Hello Kitty’s latest collab is with a cult-favorite beauty light-up vanity mirror brand, and it’s the cutest of them all.

Sanrio’s recent superstar collaborations include a Hello Kitty Barbie doll and an athleisure line with plus-size retailer Torrid. The kawaii icon is always down for a beauty partnership, and the Impressions Vanity Company is an ideal match.

The Impressions Vanity for Hello Kitty Touch Pro LED Makeup Mirror will help you execute a flawless face (or selfie) in natural lighting. It features wireless Bluetooth audio capabilities and USB device charging, so you can bump your favorite pre-game tunes while boosting your phone’s battery. Not to mention, it’s cute as heck and will make you feel like a glamorous classic movie star when you use it at your vanity table.

The pearly white mirror is 15 inches in diameter and looks like the lovechild of a neon sign and an iPad. It swivels 360 degrees so you can check out your beautiful face from every angle. The touch-sensitive switch turns on and dims light with ease, and LED lights mean bulbs will never need to be replaced. The battery recharges easily with a USB cable, and once it’s charged, you can go wireless for couch use.

For all of its amenities, $189 is a steal for this gadget. Impressions Vanity mirror-table combos can go for upwards of $1,000. Take a peek…

Glam goals.

This isn’t the exact mirror, but you get the idea. The Hello Kitty mirror is launching soon.

LED tech is where it’s at.

Impressions Vanity for Hello Kitty Touch Pro LED Makeup Mirror, $189

Courtesy of Impressions Vanity

We have heart-eyes over the heart details.

Courtesy of Impressions Vanity

Even the back of the mirror is adorable.

Courtesy of Impressions Vanity

The Impressions Vanity for Hello Kitty Touch Pro LED Makeup Mirror ($189) is coming soon to