Lourdes Avila Uribe
March 16, 2018 11:22 am
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If you’ve done any poking about, you’d know that beloved indie beauty brand Besamé Cosmetics has been up to something mysterious. They’ve been teasing a Besamé x Agent Carter collection for a while, and it looks like we can finally shop it. But there’s a sneaky little caveat.

When you head over to Besamé’s website, the only way you can find this product is if you search “Carter.” Even then, you’ll see that it’s a mysterious brown paper package with vintage stamps and stickers — with no information about what it actually contains! What on earth could it possibly be?

Besamé has given us little to no details on the collaboration, leaving us absolutely stumped. Could it be that this box contains the entire collection, or is there more headed our way? Given what we know about Besamé’s aesthetic, there are a few educated guesses that we feel confident making.

There’s got to be a red lipstick somewhere in there, and we wouldn’t be surprised if a pressed powder was part of the collection as well. Agent Carter’s style and era are so closely aligned with Besamé’s that we can safely assume at least one of those will be included.

The Besamé Cosmetics x Agent Carter AC245 Box is now available for $68.

Besamé Cosmetics

There was also a special note attached:

Besamé Cosmetics

We see the words “items” and “kit.” We can safely assume that more than one product is included in there, right?

Could a makeup bag or other kind of accessory be a part of it as well? A compact? Certainly Agent Carter requires those while on the go.

Either way, Besamé’s got us hook, line and sinker. We can’t wait to find out what this treasures this box might contain.

Are you curious enough to buy this mysterious box?