Keeping your products cool can extend their shelf life.
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best skincare fridges
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Skincare fridges are all the rage lately—and for good reason. They're super cute, convenient to have, and most importantly, they keep your favorite skincare products cooled so that their active ingredients can last longer. Whether you want to keep your moisturizers cool, your face sculpting tools chilled, or your eye creams feeling crisp, a mini fridge can do that for you. Nowadays, there are so many on the market that it can be tricky to pick the best ones for you, so we did the leg work and rounded up seven of the best skincare fridges.

1. Best skincare fridge:

Cooluli Mini Fridge
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Keep your products cool with this mini fridge that emits a consistent 40ºF chill. We love that it's very lightweight, comes in seven colors and prints (including a cow one!), and is energy-saving thanks to its three amp cooling chip. This is one that you and your wallet will appreciate in the long run.

2. Best mini skincare fridge:

Chefman Mini Portable Pink Personal Fridge
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This super mini fridge can fit the equivalent of six soda cans, so can easily fit your favorite face cream and serums. What we love the most about this item, though, is the portable component thanks to its pop-up handle. Skincare on-the-go has never been easier.

3. Best budget-friendly skincare fridge:

CROWNFUL Mini Fridge
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This cute mini fridge keeps your products cool without breaking the bank. This no frills item comes in four colors, fits six soda cans, and has a compartment for more skincare products, such as face masks and small tools.

4. Best splurge-worthy skincare fridge:

TEAMI Luxe Skincare Fridge
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With multiple shelves and a beauty compartment, you'll have space for all your skincare products. From sheet masks and face-sculpting tools to moisturizers, essences to eye creams, masks and more, this fridge fits it all. Plus, it's so pretty.

5. Most popular skincare fridge:

FaceTory Portable Coral Beauty Fridge
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This fridge was created by FaceTory, a brand that has some of the best K-beauty products on the market. We love that the adjustable racks that can be moved to fit your products, the side-rack for sheet masks, and the beautiful coral color. It has 381 5-star reviews on Amazon, too.

6. Best retro skincare fridge:

Frigidaire Single-Door Retro Compact Refrigerator
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Throw it way back to the 80s with this retro-inspired skincare fridge. Apart from being larger than most, and therefore able to fit way more products, the vintage-looking design is as cute as can get. Pick from five fun, colorful shades and get ready to chill all the products you own—this baby can fit them all.

7. Best skincare fridge for college:

Finishing Touch Flawless Mini Beauty Fridge
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Add reminders to your mini fridge with this dry erase surface. Skincare? Check. Homework? Check.