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Updated May 18, 2020 @ 5:20 pm
Credit: Molly Cranna

One of the things the HG staff has in common (aside from a love for cheese, kittens, and Hopper from Stranger Things) is a true affection for beauty products. It was only natural, then, that we turned our expertise and fan-girling into our first-ever Beauty Crush Awards!

HG’s editors spent hours testing hundreds of makeup, skin care, and hair products to see which ones would become our ride-or-dies, and now we want to share them with you. Whether you’re looking for a new dry shampoo to be your boo, a new bronzer to call your own, or a lipstick you’d gladly wear while making out with a breakfast burrito, we’ve got the best of the best picked out for you.

Credit: Molly Cranna

Lip Products You Could Write A Million Love Letters To

Credit: Molly Cranna

Non-Drugstore Lipstick:

Non-Drugstore Liquid Lipstick:

Non-Drugstore Lip Balm:

Non-Drugstore Lip Scrub:

Credit: Sephora / Sara Happ / Essence / Avene / Anna Buckley

Drugstore Lipstick:

Drugstore Liquid Lipstick:

Drugstore Lip Balm:

Drugstore Lip Scrub:

Eye Makeup To Bat Your Lashes At

Credit: Molly Cranna

Non-Drugstore Liquid Eyeliner:

Non-Drugstore Pencil Eyeliner:

Non-Drugstore Mascara:

Non-Drugstore Eyeshadow Palette:

Credit: Molly Cranna

Drugstore Liquid Eyeliner:

Drugstore Pencil Eyeliner:

Drugstore Mascara:

Drugstore Eyeshadow Palette:

Credit: Eyeko / e.l.f. / Too Faced / Smith & Cult / Anna Buckley

Cheek Products That Will Make You Blush

Credit: Molly Cranna

Non-Drugstore Foundation:

Non-Drugstore Powder:

Non-Drugstore Concealer:

Non-Drugstore Primer:

Non-Drugstore Setting Spray:

Non-Drugstore Highlighter:

Non-Drugstore Bronzer:

Non-Drugstore Blush:

Non-Drugstore Makeup Applicator:

Credit: Physician's Formula / Sigma / NYX / Sephora / Anna Buckley

Drugstore Foundation:

Drugstore Powder:

Drugstore Concealer:

Drugstore Primer:

Drugstore Setting Spray:

Drugstore Highlighter:

Drugstore Bronzer:

Drugstore Blush:

Drugstore Makeup Applicator:

The One and Only Brow Product You’d Put A Ring On

Credit: Molly Cranna

Non-Drugstore Brow Product:

Drugstore Brow Product:

Skin Care You Want To Take Home To Mom

Credit: Molly Cranna

Non-Drugstore Face Wash:

Non-Drugstore Moisturizer:

Non-Drugstore Serum:

Non-Drugstore Toner:

Non-Drugstore Eye Cream:

Non-Drugstore Face Mist:

Non-Drugstore Sheet Mask:

Non-Drugstore Regular Face Mask:

Non-Drugstore Face Oil:

Non-Drugstore Exfoliator:

Non-Drugstore Acne Treatment:

Non-Drugstore Micellar Water:

Non-Drugstore Makeup Remover:

Non-Drugstore Sunscreen:

Credit: Drunk Elephant / Pixi Beauty / Kora Organics / Skin Inc / Anna Buckley

Drugstore Face Wash:

Drugstore Moisturizer:

Drugstore Serum:

Drugstore Toner:

Drugstore Eye Cream:

Drugstore Face Mist:

Drugstore Sheet Mask:

Drugstore Regular Face Mask:

Drugstore Face Oil:

Drugstore Exfoliator:

Drugstore Acne Treatment:

Drugstore Micellar Water:

Drugstore Makeup Remover:

Drugstore Sunscreen:

Skin Devices You’ll Spend Every Night With

Credit: Molly Cranna

Non-Drugstore Skin Device:

Drugstore Skin Device:

Nail Care That Makes You Immediately Swipe Right

Credit: Molly Cranna

Non-Drugstore Base Coat:

Non-Drugstore Top Coat:

Non-Drugstore Polish:

Non-Drugstore Cuticle Oil:

Credit: Floss Gloss / Smith & Cult / Essie / Seche Vite

Drugstore Base Coat:

Drugstore Top Coat:

Drugstore Polish:

Drugstore Cuticle Oil:

Hair Products That Make You Feel Like Every Day is Valentine’s Day

Non-Drugstore Shampoo and Conditioner:

Non-Drugstore Shampoo and Conditioner for Natural Hair:

Non-Drugstore Treatment for Natural Hair:

Non-Drugstore Natural Hair Styling Product:

Non-Drugstore Hairspray:

Non-Drugstore Texturizing Spray:

Non-Drugstore Dry Shampoo:

Non-Drugstore Hair Smoothing Product:

Non-Drugstore Hair Treatment:

Credit: Target / OUAI / Target / Anna Buckley

Drugstore Shampoo and Conditioner:

Drugstore Shampoo and Conditioner for Natural Hair:

Drugstore Treatment for Natural Hair:

Drugstore Natural Hair Styling Product:

Drugstore Hairspray:

Drugstore Texturizing Spray:

Drugstore Dry Shampoo:

Drugstore Hair Smoothing Product:

Drugstore Hair Treatment:

The Hair Tools You’ll Change Your Facebook Status For

Credit: Molly Cranna

Non-Drugstore Blowdryer:

Non-Drugstore Curling Tool:

Non-Drugstore Flat Iron:

Drugstore Blowdryer:

Drugstore Curling Tool:

Drugstore Flat Iron:

Bath Products To Snuggle Up With On a Netflix Night In

Credit: Molly Cranna

Non-Drugstore Bath Product:

Non-Drugstore Body Lotion:

Drugstore Bath Product:

Drugstore Body Lotion:

Natural Deodorant: