Want to add something extra special to your next bath? If so, head to your nearest Bath and Body Works location, STAT. The beloved brand is selling magical unicorn bath bombs.

Bath and Body Works is known for many things, including its sweet-scented body sprays that you probably went nuts for in middle school, its variety of candles, and its growing bath line. And now, the popular mall store is giving Lush a run for its money by stepping into creative bath bomb territory.

The brand’s two new bath bombs, which are offered in silver and purple, are shaped like unicorns (yes, really). And because they’re both glittery, it will add so much fun and sparkle to your next bath session. This product doesn’t just look cool, though. It releases a delicious fragrance of strawberry and sugar and sweet vanilla (who needs dessert when you can sniff a bath bomb?) and it contains skin-softening shea butter.

The magical Glitter Unicorn Cotton Candy Bath Bomb in Silver.

Credit: Bath and Body Works

The Purple Unicorn Cotton Candy Bath Bomb.

Credit: Bath and Body Works

You know the drill here, you just drop the unicorn under running water once your tub is about halfway full, let the fizzy magic happen, step in, and get in touch with your inner unicorn. So once you’re done with your amazing disco unicorn bath, you’ll hop out feeling silky smooth and fabulous. It’s a win/win.