Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated July 27, 2017 1:59 pm
Violet Grey

Those of us who are SERIOUS about our luxury beauty obsessions are most likely already devotees of the ever-so-chic online retailer Violet Grey — we do not play when it comes to acquiring the most gorgeous and highly-coveted beauty products on the market. Whispers on the street have led us to believe that Violet Grey is considering a partnership with Amazon, and we’re actually having heart palpitations at the very thought of it.

Amazon has been going hard with the development of their fashion and beauty market, and if this partnership actually does come to pass, it’s going to seriously elevate their game. Can you even imagine having more access to all the glamorous brands that Violet Grey is known for carrying?

Neither Amazon nor Violet Grey confirmed that the partnership was actually happening, but our fingers are still crossed.

Cassandra Grey, the founder of Violet Grey, gave a very cryptic answer when asked about the possibility of a collaboration. She tells WWD:

That sounds extremely fishy to us. Sort of like she’s laying the groundwork for a future announcement, don’t you think? We’re swooning.

A partnership with Violet Grey would be a total coup for Amazon and shoppers, alike.

Per WWD, the details of the possible partnership are murky, and that Violet Grey could possibly act as a third-party platform on Amazon and bridge them into luxury beauty. Up until this point, Amazon has struggled to bring high-end, prestige beauty brands on board due to the fact that many dislike their aesthetic and overall shopping experience.

Are you thrilled? Our imaginations are going wild with all the possibilities. Ordering Byredo and Leonor Greyl and Rodin on Amazon? Yes, please! You better believe we’ve got our detective caps on and we’re doing our best Mariska Hargitay impression to get the scoop on whether this is true or not. Fingers crossed.