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Credit: PMD / https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ3S5rZjOh6/

Ariel definitely loved her gadgets and gizmos, and while we don’t exactly have a dinglehopper to style our locks, 2017 has definitely brought us a fleet of new beauty gadgets that are totally worth swooning over.

Instead of settling for old clunky hair dryers, ineffective straightening irons, and dated electric facial brushes that don’t work that well, we’ve now got super handy tools that can easily improve your serum and facial oil performance, speed up makeup application time, and be an overall game-changer for your beauty routine.

For timesaving beauty tools that can spare you a little more time for more shut-eye, and perhaps even an extra cup of coffee in the morning, here are 16 ah-mazing picks we can’t stop talking about. Still not convinced? Trust us, there’s even a pair of magnetic lashes (yes, really) you won’t want to miss.

1DAFNI The Original Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush, $99

Credit: Photo Courtesy of DAFNI

You may think that straightening brushes are all hype, but this bad boy straightens like a boss, especially since it helps you avoid that overly pin-straight hair look you wore back in seventh grade.

2Clarisonic The Smart Profile Uplift, $349

Credit: Photo Courtesy Of Clarisonic

Constantly looking down at your phone gives your neck those gnarly necklines, so we’re all about this non-invasive device which helps you avoid tech neck before it gets out of control.

3 Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra, $280

Credit: Photo Courtesy Of Arbonne

Your electric cleansing brushes can only do so much, so if you are looking for a way to make your serums and facial oils to work better for your skin, use this beauty superstar to help give your products a helping hand.

4 blendSMART Rotating Foundation Brush Starter Set, $69

Credit: Photo Courtesy of blendSMART

This rotating makeup brush puts your other brushes to shame, especially since it’s special rotating design makes embarrassing blending fails a thing of the past.

5 InStyler Wet To Dry, $119.97

Credit: Photo Courtesy Of InStyler

Using a blowdryer and straightening can be super annoying all the time, so if you want something less complicated, this wet-to-dry styling tool straightens and dries hair in minutes.

6Foreo Iris Eye Massager, $139

Credit: Photo Courtesy Of FOREO

This eye massager takes care of dark circles and unbearable bags before your coworkers start suspecting you’re a secret party girl.

7One Two Cosmetics Original Lash Magnetic False Lashes, $69

Credit: Photo Courtesy Of One Two Lash

These godly lashes skip out on the glue, as they magnetically cling to your eyes in a pinch. Even better news? You can constantly re-wear and reuse these bad boys whenever you want.

8Silk’n Pedi Pro, $38

Credit: Photo Courtesy Of Silk'n

We all love a good pedicure, but costly salon appointments can really make you question all of your life decisions. To treat your calluses and rough soles all by yourself, use this little tool to keep your toes and feet looking salon-fresh.

9 Personal Microderm Pro, $199

Credit: Photo Courtesy Of Personal Microderm

This beauty breakthrough is a must for lazy girls, as it gives you silky smooth skin without having to leave the comfort of your onesie.

10Simplehuman ROSE GOLDSmart Home Sensor Mirror, $250

Credit: Photo Courtesy Of SimpleHuman

Talk about high tech! This voice command mirror (with a built-in light system that mimics sunlight!) connects with your Wi-Fi to give you the best darn makeup application available.

11Dr. Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer, $139

Credit: Photo Courtesy Of Dr. Dennis Gross

This special steamer treats your skin to spa-like treatment in less than 9 minutes.

12Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask, $34.99

Credit: Photo Courtesy Of Neutrogena

Yes, this may look like something straight out of a YA dystopian novel, but this LED mask is the real deal, as blue and red lights target inflammation and acne-causing bacteria.

13 T3 Micro Mini Miracles Set, $189

Credit: Photo Courtesy Of T3

Great for the those who always have wanderlust on the brain, this darling little travel set features a compact-sized dryer and flat iron that TSA won’t hassle you over.

14 Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Pro, $149

Credit: Photo Courtesy Of Michael Todd Beauty

If you are a looking for a true multitasker, this baby helps your products go deeper into your skin fast.

15 DevaCurl DevaDryer And DevaFuser, $139

Credit: Photo Courtesy Of DevaCurl

Oh yes: this ingenious dryer is a must for curly girls everywhere!

16 GloPRO MicroStimulation Facial Tool & HydroGLO Serum, $199

Credit: Photo Courtesy Of GloPro

If you are looking a way to glow sans highlighter, this magical gadget will make them guess how you got that natural highlight. How? It helps even skin tone and stimulate collagen!

Did anything from our list pique your curiosity?