Beauty Resolutions

Beauty editors tell us their honest makeup and skin care resolutions for 2019

We talked to six beauty editors (including our own) to find out their 2019 New Year's beauty resolutions. These include getting their skin care regimen on lockdown, working out, and using retinols.

When it comes to beauty regimens, you'd expect beauty editors to always have theirs on lock. After all, we have the privilege of access to the latest and greatest when it comes to beauty launches, education, and innovations, as well as experts we can turn to whenever we have questions. However, we are human and may be lacking (or lazy) in certain departments, which is why we talked to six different beauty editors (including our own) to find out their beauty resolutions for 2019.

Stephanie Montes, Freelance Beauty Editor


"For me, 2019 will be the year of the nighttime skincare regimen—I really slacked on it this year and you can totally see it in my face. I resolve to remove my makeup every night and load up on the night creams before bed. But more importantly, I'm a year older, so I'm also determined to up my anti-aging ingredient game—bring on the retinols!"

Sara Tan, Senior Beauty and Fashion Editor, Bustle


"I have two beauty resolutions for 2019. The first is to start treating my hair with the same love as I do my skin! I spend so much time on my skin care routine, but I often neglect my hair. I rarely use heat protectants or hair masks and then I'm left wondering why my strands are so dry and brittle. My second resolution is to pay more attention to what I'm putting on my skin. There's no question that the clean beauty movement is coming in hot in 2019 and for good reason—we all need to become more educated about the kinds of ingredients that are in our skin care products. I don't know that I'll ever go full organic, but I definitely want to support more brands that use natural ingredients and have products that are sustainably made."

Kirbie Johnson, Sr. Reporter and Host, POPSUGAR Beauty


"My resolution is to stop comparing myself to everyone on Instagram. I'm a grown woman, I know Facetune exists, and I see a lot of the people who alter their photos IRL and they do not look poreless, lifted and like they've been drinking placenta. (Except Rihanna, who, as far as I can tell, doesn't alter her pics.) But this past year, I battled with who I saw in the mirror. I realized it was because all of the images I had been consuming made me think something was wrong with me for having fine lines, pores and a blemish or two. Even Kim Kardashian West has pores, people—if you're a human, you do! It weighed a lot on me in 2018, but in 2019, comparison via altered Insta pics is going to hell in a handbasket. Oh, and to work out more, but not to get in shape—circulation is great for your skin, too!"

Amanda Montell, Associate Beauty Editor, Byrdie


"I'm almost embarrassed to admit that this even needs to be a resolution, but in 2019, I resolve to take my damn makeup off every single night before I go to sleep, even when I'm dead tired, even when I'm sleeping over someone else's house. This year I made WAY too many exceptions, allowing myself to conk out with foundation, mascara, the works, left on my face, and it's inexcusable. In an effort to have pretty skin forever, this is my #1 beauty resolution."

Alyssa Morin, Beauty Editor, HelloGiggles


"My beauty resolution for 2019 is to find a skin care routine that works for me, and to actually stick to it. I'm so serious about having a skin care regimen that I'm putting skin care pictures and affirmations all over my vision board. If that won't guilt me into locking down a routine, then I don't know what will. Another thing I want to do in the New Year is take better care of my nails. They were straight up trash in 2018. I was either too lazy to get a mani or I was biting my nails off (which is way worse than having them painted). Basically, I want 2019 to be the year I have bomb nails and radiant skin."

Marie Lodi, Senior Beauty Editor, HelloGiggles


"WOO, I got a lot of work to do, baby. I've finally been good about sunscreen and washing my face when I'm deadass tired, and I also found a regular nail artist that has given me the power to rock fly ass nails on the reg, but I do have a lot of beauty resolutions. First, I NEED to lock down on my skin care. I finally learned the lesson that serums and chemical exfoliants actually do my face good, but I need to be more consistent about them. I also want to stop being lazy about my beauty look (always a winged eye and red lipstick) and use my collection of eyeshadow palettes and other lip shades more! Goddess knows I have enough of an arsenal to do new beauty look each day of the year. I also want to be better at my brows, maybe get back into lash extensions. I also want to get back to working out, making sure I get enough sleep, eat healthy, and have regular massages. Okay, this is turning into a laundry list. Check in with me in a year, LOL."