Caitlin Gallagher
December 16, 2016 1:10 pm
Steve Murez / Getty Images

If you’re considering acrylic nails or you’re already rocking the look, British beauty blogger Amelia Perrin just got very real about the perils of acrylic nails. And you should definitely take notice.

Based on her social media, Perrin LOVES her nude-toned artificial nails — and they’re totally fabulous. Yet, she revealed through a photo on Twitter that what’s underneath the acrylic nails isn’t always as gorgeous.

On her personal Instagram account, Perrin shows off her style with her acrylic nails definitely being a highlight. As she notes, she really loves nude tones for her nails, which just so happen to match her equally amazing coat.

And the world doesn’t feel right if she doesn’t have her nails on.

(She’s definitely channeling Kylie Jenner with the nails and rings.)

Anyway, since her nails are such a statement, people on social media ask her about them. So that’s why she decided to show off what’s underneath her glamorous look.

Warning: It is not pretty.

Yeah, that looks like it hurts and Perrin confirmed it totally does. She said she almost cried in the shower from the hot water hitting her damaged real nails. We’re in pain for her!

If you have acrylic nails right now and you’re panicking — don’t just yet. Perrin noted that she has been wearing acrylic nails for SIX YEARS. So this damage wasn’t done overnight. She also recommended that you have your acrylic nails removed every so often and take biotin to strengthen your natural nails.

Also — and this one is a biggie — Perrin told UK Cosmopolitan that she had removed her acrylic nails on her own because she didn’t have time to go to the salon. Removing your acrylics incorrectly can definitely lead to damage, so make sure you do it the right way (aka go to a professional) to keep your natural nails as healthy as possible.

After only five days, Perrin’s nails were looking SO MUCH better. Phew, that’s a relief.

But her scare with the realities of using non-stop acrylics and not removing them correctly didn’t stop her one bit. She was back at it the minute her nails looked healthy again.

She was still considering her signature nude colors as well.

Even though the nail damage didn’t make Perrin change her ways, you can still learn a valuable lesson from her sharing this photo. Take good care of your nails and if you’re rocking the acrylics, definitely visit a trusted nail salon to keep what’s underneath healthy and beautiful. Your real nails will thank you for it!