Bonus: It’s all-natural and won’t irritate your skin.

Hana Hong
August 25, 2020
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In the age of COVID-19, the process of disinfecting your hands and surfaces are pretty straightforward. Your face, on the other hand, is a different matter. According to the CDC, most COVID-19 transmission is from person-to-person contact with respiratory droplets spread through the air in close proximity. These large droplets transmit the virus by entering the body through the eyes, nose, or mouth.

As if frequent breakouts and skin irritation from wearing face masks isn’t bad enough, it’s hard to monitor the face's exposure to germs and bacteria, especially if you’re a frequent face toucher (guilty). We can’t exactly rub hand sanitizer (which is chock-full of ethyl alcohol) or Clorox wipes on our face—so what’s a clean freak to do?

While we still need to wear masks, wash our hands, and take all necessary precautions, Avenova’s unique product allows you to provide an added layer of protection against the coronavirus. The spray formula was originally designed as an eyelid and lash cleanser, but a laboratory study conducted by NovaBay Pharmaceuticals confirmed that Avenova’s proprietary formulation completely inactivates SARS-CoV-2 in 60 seconds.

The key player is pure 0.01% hypochlorous acid, which the FDA has cleared as being effective against all types of pathogens, including a wide variety of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Because your body naturally produces hypochlorous acid to fight off toxins and inflammation caused by bacteria, it’s the only ingredient powerful enough to destroy viruses, yet gentle enough to be used on your face (including the delicate facial skin around the eyes, nose, and mouth). 

The non-toxic antimicrobial is all-natural and hypoallergenic to boot, making it easy on skin that might already be irritated from mask chafing. Because the bottle is compact enough to fit in your bag, it’s easy to toss it in your bag and give your face a spritz whenever you think you’ve come into contact with airborne respiratory droplets (make sure to spray 6 to 8 inches away from your face for even coverage). Plus, it’s safe to use on children and can be sprayed any number of times, at any point after coming into contact.

Of course, you can also use it as its original intention: a lid and lash solution for dry eyes, contact lens intolerance, inflammation, redness and other eye-related issues. The formula is great for anyone who regularly wears eye makeup as it prevents eye infections caused by constantly touching your eye or sleeping in your mascara.

Avenova Antimicrobial Eyelid and Lash Cleanser

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It’s worth noting that Avenova is formulated with pure, FDA-cleared hypochlorous acid, but not all hypochlorous acid products are created equal. Some are not designed for use on skin, while others aren’t as pure and can irritate skin if used on a daily basis. To date, Avenova is the only pharmaceutical-grade hypochlorous acid product available OTC that maintains a high enough concentration of hypochlorous acid to kill SARS-CoV-2.

We all love a good facial mist, but the pathogen-killing element definitely doesn’t hurt (especially these days). You can snag a bottle (or two) of Avenova’s facial sanitizer on Amazon now for only 30 bucks.