Credit: Izumi Tutti /

Nothing is worse than feeling a pimple the size of a small planet (or a chain of them!) coming on. So when children’s book illustrator Marie-Anne Tutti’s acne threatened to take over her face, a heavenly solution popped into her head: transform your zits into celestial skin art!

Examining her skin in a mirror, Tutti didn’t need a telescope to see her pimples’ otherworldly potential.

Inspired by outer space, Tutti used blue and silver eyeliner to draw sparkling constellations and tiny, shiny shooting stars across her face, connecting acne-plagued galaxies and transforming blackhead holes into shimmering supernovas!

For Tutti, who has suffered from breakouts since she was 19, embracing her blemishes has allowed her natural beauty (and creativity!) to emerge.

So far, the response to Tutti’s far-out skin-art has made her a star on Instagram and Tutti is over the moon that her otherworldly makeup discovery is guiding people to embrace their faces — imperfections and all.

“It helped people,” she said. “There were even people who also made a photo with constellations. It’s awesome!”