Dove Event in NYC
Credit: Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images

Our favorite feminist badass Ariel Winter is all about supporting body positivity. She loves her body and she’s not afraid to say so. And Ariel Winter’s Instagram is full of messages of hope and positivity, including posts that celebrate her own fantastic style. And her most recent Instagram post is no exception:

Check out Ariel Winter’s glittery glam nails!

Ariel’s nails were achieved with the help of makeup guru Linda Loveli at Nail Bar & Beauty Lounge. From beauty salon’s Instagram posts, they aren’t afraid to embrace the glam:

No wonder Ariel Winter goes there!

In a recent video shared by Dove and a discussion with People, Ariel Winter discussed the importance of being a body-positive role model for young girls.

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After all, you can never be too much like Ariel Winter, can you?