Technically, “selfies” have been a thing since the camera was first invented back in the 1800s. But only recently have selfies become so mainstream that you probably can’t get through your day without seeing one. It’s even hard to find a “run of the mill” selfie these days with all the new poses and selfie-taking techniques being invented on the daily. The “surprised” face, the simple pout, last year’s fish gape — we all have ways of expressing ourselves! Speaking of which, the “it” selfie pose of 2017 is the hands-on-your-face selfie, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Feel free to get creative with the hands-on-your-face selfie. Bite the tip of your thumb. Bite your pointer finger. Heck, cover up half your face with your hand. It doesn’t matter! As long as your hand is on your face somewhere, you’re killing the hands-on-your-face selfie trend.

Guys, all the celebs are doing it. It’s a real thing! We swear!

Now, obviously this isn’t a particularly new trend. But when you think about it, the hand-on-your-face selfie is genius. You’ve got a blemish on your chin but still want to document your natural beauty?

Get that hand on your face!

Just got a fresh manicure but your makeup also looks on point? Don’t double post! Throw those two things together by putting that hand on that face!

Looking like you’re trying to hide a smile is one of the most demure yet cute and flirty poses a girl can do! How do you achieve this?

You’ve got it – HANDS on FACE!

We don’t know about you, but we’re sold. Not only is this hands-on-your-face pose an amazing hack to conceal facial imperfections, it’s also cute AF. This has been your final warning: expect to see a lot more hands on your Instagram feed in 2017.