Kathryn Lindsay
Updated May 31, 2016 @ 12:37 pm
Amy Schumer Aphrodite
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Amy Schumer is best known for keeping things funny and lighthearted, but every once and a while, she drops some major inspiration. On Tuesday, the Trainwreck star reposted a photo on Instagram from user whitneyzombie, who took to the social media platform to make a totally-on-point statement about body image and expectations of beauty.

Whitney, who’s a 22-year-old psychology major at the University of West Georgia, posted a photo of Amy from when she was photographed nearly nude by Annie Leibovitz next to a picture of a sculpture of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty. In the photo, the two women’s bodies share a striking resemblance, and Whitney used their similarities to prove a point about our society’s beauty standards

“What a wonderful resemblance between two beautiful women,” the post begins. “So many women and young girls are shamed by the media and fashion industry for not having a flat stomach and not being a size zero.”

However, Whitney noted that in the sculpture of Aphrodite, the epitome of female beauty has stomach rolls and isn’t perfectly toned. That’s because beauty doesn’t have to fall into the narrow standards so many people believe we have today.

“I want to remind everyone that they do not have to be a Victoria’s Secret model to be a beautiful goddess with a beautiful body,” Whitney continues. “Your body is not bad, ugly, or wrong. Embrace your inner goddess.”

Amy saw Whitney’s post and decided to share it, thanking Whitney for spreading such an important message. This isn’t the first time Amy has used her public platform to start a discussion about body image. Back in April, she commented on being named in Glamour‘s plus-size issue despite not identifying with the label. It goes to show that that world still has a lot to learn when it comes to respecting everyone’s bodies, so we’re glad people like Whitney are taking the time to educate us.

Unfortunately, Whitney has faced some backlash, but she’s handled it like the confident, self-assured woman that Amy would be proud of:

We’re not suprised that Amy’s fans are just as incredible as she is, and we’re glad they’re working together to make the world a better place for all bodies, one post at a time.