Credit: amberrose/Instagram/bretmanrock/Instagram

Amber Rose is thriving — from her constant activist work toward ending slut-shaming, to her outspoken feminism, to her VH1 talk show, to her current stint on Dancing With The Stars — and now as the face of Estée Lauder’s more affordable makeup line, Flirt Cosmetics.

Amber Rose spoke so much truth about the importance of diversity in makeup advertising during her recent interview with Mic — especially when it comes to gender and ethnicity. Rose said:

And who slaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy in makeup.

And as the woman of color herself expressed, the makeup industry’s diversity must encompass models beyond solely white women:

Amber also talked about makeup’s power as a tool for self-expression. Whether you wear a lot of makeup, or a little, or none at all, you should exercise your freedom to control your image:

Be sure to check out the entire article to read more about Amber’s surprise when Estée Lauder approached her to work with them, her upcoming SlutWalk, and her always empowering critiques of slut-shaming.