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There’s a lot of pressure on digital influencers to maintain what seem like perfect lives. But Amanda Steele is tired of fake perfection. And she’s speaking up about it.

The Instagram influencer recently tweeted about false expectations within social media, and we’re here for it. Photoshop and photo editing may seem innocent at first, but as Steele points out, it can be really detrimental to an influencer’s audience. When we see unrealistic images presented as reality, it can make us think less of our own lives. But to be clear, Steele isn’t talking about just adding an Instagram filter to your picture.

She is combatting the people with tens of thousands of followers who photoshop their daily pictures.

We know this conversation comes up pretty regularly, but it is always welcome.

It it important to remember to never compare yourself to another person on social media.

Instagram influencers make money to look as ~perfect~ as possible. It’s their job, and we get it. But whenever influencers and celebs come out with no makeup pics, or a less than perfect angle, just to remind us that they are as normal as we are, we can’t help but rejoice.

Steele is a blogger, YouTube star, and actress. She is best known for her beauty and fashion content, though she also starred in AwesomenessTV’s Guidance. With over 2 million followers on the ‘gram, we love that she is speaking up. The kind of influence that Steele and other IG influencers have on their fans is huge. Though all of Steele’s pictures are adorable, and she always looks stunning, she also keeps it real.

Filtering on Instagram is fine.

And even photoshop is cool at times! But, as Steele explains, when it comes to reshaping yourself entirely, think twice. Steele reminds us that it’s all about positivity:

We love her positive influence and strong voice! Go, girl.