Gina Florio
Updated March 28, 2017 9:43 am

The evolution of bath bombs has been a fascinating thing to witness. They’re no longer little pink balls that smell like grapefruit — they’re more, er, complicated now. Two roommates have proven that fact by showing off their DIY Kraft Mac & Cheese bath bomb. Yes, cheesy goodness is attainable in your bathtub if you so desire.

A Twitter user @_annnne posted a picture of herself and a friend in bathing suits, playing around in a bathtub full of a macaroni and cheese bath bomb. “my roommates got the coolest bath bomb!!!!” she wrote. On the shower wall behind them they’ve written a cheesy (literally) message that says, “Send nudes.” The whole scene looks amazing. And delicious. false

There are noodles and cheese everywhere, and it seems like the only directions to make this cheesy bath bomb are to dump the contents of the Kraft Mac & Cheese box into the bathtub. Okay, we can manage that.

The Mac & Cheese bath bomb has become so popular on Twitter that it’s been liked 7,700 times and retweeted 2,300 times. Judging by the comments, not everyone is on board with this bath bomb innovation, but we doubt that’s stopping the girls from enjoying their cheesy spa time.

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@_annnne had the best response to that last comment. false

“no disrespect meant

just tryna show our love for @kraftmacncheese!!!!!” she wrote.

We’re with you on that one, @_annnne. If anything, this DIY bath bomb is a respectful way to pay homage to Kraft Mac & Cheese, a reliable friend that gets us through the tough times.