Akira Beauty
Credit: Courtesy of Akira Beauty

Let’s face it—we all love a good luxury beauty brand. From SK-II to Clé de Peau, a beautiful, prestige product is hard to resist. And our skin thanks us for it. Our wallet, however, certainly does not. Now, with the introduction of the new shopping website, Akira Beauty, you can have the best of both worlds.

The website, which just launched this week, sells global prestige products at an average of 10 to 40 percent less than retail pricing—all the time. Featuring hair care, skin care, body, cosmetics, and personal care products, Akira (which means “bright,” “intelligent,” and “truthful” in Japanese) might just change the way you shop online.

Credit: Akira Beauty

So how does the site charge so much less than, say, a department store, for the exact same luxury products? It’s simple—by eliminating costly things like advertising, samples, and gift-wrapping. This makes it possible for Akira to sell you, the consumer, products for less than ever.

All the products featured on Akira Beauty are hand-picked by a team of expert buyers, meaning that what you see is a totally curated batch of products across all categories.

Now go forth and shop! Your wallet will thank you.