Bronwyn Isaac
September 16, 2016 9:48 am

As our sweat glands slow down and the cool air rises, the season of sparkling and elaborate eyeshadows has returned. Thankfully, theBalm Cosmetics has released their new shadow palette and it looks like exactly what we need for our brooding and elaborate fall looks. As the ultimate TGIF blessing, theBalm Appetit palette launched this morning on The Balm website where you can buy it for $39.50!

This spread of eyeshadow looks dangerously edible!

TheBalm Appetit includes nine delicious shadows that can be applied both wet or dry, including a mixture of shimmers, foils, talc-free powders, and mattes!

The nine flavors themselves are as cleverly named as they are pretty and include the delightful puns: Ray Sinbread, Mac Encheese, Rocky Road-Icecream, Chris P Bacon, Alfred’O Pasta, Hal Apeno-Poppers, Artie Chokedip, Tate R. Tots, and Bruce Schetta!

I’m legitimately confused whether I’d rather wear or eat this palette!

These new sparkling eyeshadows might truly redefine the term “you are what you eat!”

I’m just relieved that I can finally tell friends I was late to the party because I was covering my face in Bruce-Schetta without facing judgement. Thank you, TheBalm, for gifting us with the perfect marriage of makeup and food puns!