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June 12, 2018 1:26 pm
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I hate when people tell me I have beautiful skin because a day later, I’ll have a really bad breakout. And maybe it’s because I believe the Latin superstition of people giving other people ojo or mal de ojo — it’s basically the “evil eye,” and if someone doesn’t touch my skin or whatever it is they’re “eyeing,” then bad things come. However, when it comes to stress or period-related breakouts, I can’t blame anyone but myself (and Mother Nature).

Normally, my skin is clear. I get minor pimples, and they usually clear up on their own within a few days. However, my latest breakout has been pretty bad. It’s like, when one pimple starts to go away, I get hit with three others.

I documented my first breakout, which happened during the last week of May, and now my skin is finally clearing up the second week of June. Because I’ve been stressed at work lately, and because my period arrived early, I feel like my skin has been out of whack.

While I always break out during my period, it felt like a double whammy this time around. I not only had multiple breakouts around both cheeks, but my chin acne got worse. I even got an ingrown pimple on my chin (near some scars) and a tiny pimple on my brow bone. I’m convinced it was acne an not an ingrown eyebrow hair.

Since I haven’t dealt with a breakout like this in a while, I used five different acne products. Yes, five! Those products not only cleared my acne, but they minimized the size of my pimples, reduced my redness, healed the areas I had picked, and helped my skin come back to normal.

So here’s a breakdown of what I used and when.

When I wear makeup, I use the M-61 Powerspot Clear Spot Treatment:


Since this spot treatment is clear and it absorbs into a pimple, I like to apply it during the day and under my makeup. I love that it mixes well with my skin products like moisturizer, SPF, and eye cream, as well as my actual makeup products.

This was my skin on May 30th, when I first started to break out. At work, I used the M-61 product mentioned above.

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On days I don’t wear makeup, I use the OSEA Essential Corrective Complex Treatment, the M-61 Powerspot Clear Spot Treatment, and the Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patches:

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So depending on what my pimple is like, whether it’s ingrown, a whitehead, or almost gone, I’ll switch between OSEA, M-61, and Hero Cosmetics. When I have a whitehead or an ingrown pimple, I like to use the Mighty Patches. They not only conceal any redness from my pimple, but they also minimize the size of it. However, the patch is a bit noticeable. About two people noticed it at work in the morning (yes, I wore it to work), but as the day progressed, more people could see it. But tbh, I didn’t really care if people saw the patch, because I didn’t want them to see my Jupiter-sized pimple.

OSEA Malibu

When my acne is barely forming and not fully developed into a whitehead, I’ll mix the OSEA Essential Corrective Complex Treatment with the M-61 Powerspot Clear Spot Treatment. The OSEA treatment soothes my skin and gives it hydration, while the M-61 treatment’s slight tingle feels like it’s putting in the work throughout the day (which it is since it has both glycolic and salicylic acid).

Here I am with a chin breakout on June 5th (thanks to my period and stress), so I used the OSEA Essential Corrective Complex to help heal my skin throughout the day.

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Because the ingrown pimple on my chin was painful and I didn’t want to chance picking at it, I used the Mighty Patch. This was on June 6th.

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At night, I use the M-61 Powerspot Blemish Lotion and the Sonya Dakar Blemish Buster spot treatments:


Because these products are drying, I like applying them at night. I don’t want to walk around with white or brown crusty spots on my face. Since these dry out my acne, I like to apply them when my pimples have become whiteheads or when they have already been popped (because, yes, I do pick at them sometimes).


If I’ve been picking at a pimple to the point where it looks like it could scar, I’ll add the OSEA treatment on top of the drying lotion or blemish buster. Not only does it help to minimize my pimple, but it’s a soothing, moisturizing product.

Because I had picked the pimple on my chin, I used the blemish lotion and blemish buster. This was on June 8th.

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You can’t tell too much in this picture because I took it right before it dried, so you could see how red and horrible the acne on my chin looked.

My skin finally cleared up on June 11th.

Alyssa Morin / HelloGiggles

You can still see some redness around my chin where the ingrown pimple was, but it’s pretty clear.

My Thoughts:

Even though these spot treatments don’t get rid of my pimples within an hour or a day, they do work wonders. Breaking out during my period or when I’m stressed sucks, but these five different products  keep my acne in check, reduce my redness, and overall, heal my skin. I can see that my skin looks healthy and glowy now that my acne has disappeared.