In the age of Instagram filters and photo editing apps, we sometimes forget that most people often don’t #wakeuplikethat. That’s why this artist’s honest photos of her acne serve as an important reminder. It’s so easy to forget what authenticity actually looks like, and that’s why we need people like Hailey Wait.

Wait is a self-described artist and photographer. Her Instagram account boasts almost 80,000 followers, so it seems safe to claim she’s an influencer as well. Considering her reach, Wait’s photos of her acne are incredibly meaningful. Wait recently shared a selfie on Twitter with the caption, “Reminder that acne doesn’t make you ugly a heart full of hate does.”

Those are some wise words.

She also posted the same image to her Instagram account (her handle is @piggs) with the caption:

Wait’s tweet is racking up supportive responses since she posted it on Sunday.


The influencer isn’t the only person to open up about acne on social media. In fact, earlier this year, a different artist used her face as a canvas for a similar cause. Izumi Tutti created adorable constellation drawings using her acne. It was an unconventional and clever way to celebrate her skin the way it is.

Social media can give us an unrealistic idea of what it means to be “beautiful,” so it’s amazing to see women embracing their skin in such a raw, read, and yes, beautiful way.